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Art at District.

At District we value the local art scene. All the art hanging on our walls comes from Bay Area artists. We rotate our art seasonally and give 100% of sales proceeds back to the artist.

Andrea McCoy Harvey

Andrea McCoy Harvey is a native of Little Rock, Arkansas. Andrea received her formal art training at the University of Arkansas Pine Bluff with a Bachelor’s Degree in Art Education. She is currently obtaining a Masters Degree in Fine Arts at the Academy of Art San Francisco. She is a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc. and a public school Art Teacher for Emery Unified School District. Andrea has recently opened her own art studio in Emeryville that will allow children and adults to create, explore and enjoy their interest for the visual arts.

My inspiration for this series of artwork was inspired by the beauty and strength of the African American woman. I chose this genre because it is a derivative of my inner being. I am and will always be each one of these portraits. As you can see, I have focused on using soft pastels, oil pastels and some hints of acrylic. This mix media technique spoke to me and I embrace the warm color palette with contrasting colors. I have also tapped into using Cubism, a style of artwork that is well known by Pablo Picasso. Strength can be defined as the capacity of an object or substance to withstand great force or pressure. In this case it is being defined through our hair, our body, bone structure, history and beauty. The shielded eyes in some pieces have a purpose, the purpose is to protect our minds from the parts of society that tells me that I am less than. The geometric shapes in the necks are the roots of my pride, my black girl magic and tenacity.

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